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    To assist with accessing your account, a Weblink User Guide can be found here – User Guide.
    To assist in setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (effective 10/23/2021), please refer to this Multi-Factor Authentication Help Guide.

    View your entire financial picture — including holdings at other institutions — all in one place with My Wealth Portrait. This special service helps you see your current status and plan for the future. 

    *Wealth Access will completely replace WebLink by March 31st, 2023.*

    Wealth Access is an app-based wealth management tool compatible with both Apple and Android style phones. Complete with a customizable dashboard, you may now view all of your accounts’ holdings, transactions, and market values in one convenient place. Explore detailed information about your holdings, historical changes over time, and much more! While you may still access your accounts using your PC or Laptop via the link above, you may also download the Tri-Star Trust Wealth Access App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store for access through your smart phone or tablet.

    Invitations to the platform will begin to be sent out in December 2022. It will appear as having come from “Tri-Star Trust Bank” with a Subject Line of “Welcome to Wealth Access!” This will be a legitimate email and invitation auto-generated by the Wealth Access platform. Depending on your email program’s settings, it’s possible that it could be flagged as “Junk” or “Spam” and we ask that if you do not see this invitation in your Inbox by Friday February 3rd, 2023 to check your Spam Filter, Junk Folder, or other folder that may quarantine potentially suspicious emails. Please contact Tri-Star directly if you do not receive the invitation. Please read the invitation email in its entirety as it has specific instructions on how to properly set up your account. Most importantly, you MUST use the blue button at the bottom of the invitation labeled “Set Up Your Account” to gain access for the first time. You will not be able to access the system until you have gone through the set-up steps accessible via the blue “Set Up Your Account” button at the bottom of the invitation.

    At this time, only the Primary Contact associated with your account(s) will be receiving an invitation. When we have finished identifying and setting up Secondary Users, they will be invited to the platform as well. In the meantime, you may choose to give any third party (a spouse, sibling, child, CPA or other professional, etc.) access to your accounts from within your Dashboard. To do this, select the “More” option from the bottom tray of the application, choose “My Financial Team” from within the “More Information” section, select “Add New Team Member”, populate the appropriate information, and select “Save and Continue.” Continue following the set-up prompts until your third-party invitation has been sent. Tri-Star Trust CANNOT do this step for you. This is something a user opts to do on their own. All third parties are bound to the same Internet Access policies and User Agreements as you.

    As with all major changes and updates in this technological age, some snags are bound to occur. Our partners at Wealth Access are happy to assist with any login issues you may encounter. If there happens to be an issue with account information not populating correctly, we ask that you reach out to your Relationship Manager at Tri-Star Trust directly so we may address the issue, update the system, and make sure you have access to all of your account information. WebLink will be phased out completely by March 31st, 2023. We appreciate your patience during this transition and hope that you’ll enjoy all the wonderful features this new platform has to offer.