Beth Thieme

    President, CEO

    Amigo Mobility Internetional

    Improving lives through mobility and financial stability.

    “With Tri-Star, we have a shared vision of giving back to the community and taking care of our customers and co-workers.”

    Q. What was the vision for the company when it started back in 1968?

    A. Our vision has always been about improving lives through mobility. Mobility means personal independence…it’s really
    a quality of life thing. When Amigo started back in 1968, it was in response to a family health issue. Now we’re helping families and communities across the world.

    Q. What made you initially reach out to Tri-Star?

    A. Amigo is all about helping people enjoy more active and enriching lives. That includes our employees. As our company grew, we realized we needed to provide our people with a way to plan for the future, especially for retirement. That’s where Tri-Star came in.

    Q. What do you value most about working with Tri-Star?

    A. Tri-Star takes a very personal, individualized approach to working with clients. They came in, sat down with our employees and started to map out what retirement might look like for each of them. They helped each team member set up a 401(k) plan that worked for their specific needs and goals.

    Q. Your relationship with Tri-Star has grown over the years. How else have they helped Amigo?

    A. We’ve really had a wonderful relationship with Tri-Star. After they set up our 401(k) program, we brought them in to help us set up a family foundation.

    Q. What made you want to start a family foundation?

    A. My family and our business has been so blessed. It’s important to share those blessings with our community. We wanted to start a foundation focused on children, so we reached out to Tri-Star again.

    Q. How did Tri-Star approach creating the foundation?

    A. They brought in a team that walked us through the whole process. Together, we identified our goals for the foundation, what level of commitment we would support and established how we’d invest to do the most good. They covered it all.

    Q. Tri-Star is helping your family too…tell us about that.

    A. After all these years, I still love coming to work. So does Al. We never want to retire. But we also want to be prepared for whatever life brings. Tri-Star helped us set up our own personal investments. Now we meet periodically to review them, but we don’t have to worry or think about them. Tri-Star  takes care of it, so we can focus on the business.

    Q. How has it been working with Tri-Star all these years?

    A. Tri-Star shares a lot of our values. Hard work. Dedication to our employees and customers. Commitment to our community. They’re easy to work with and they have expertise at every level. Our relationship with Tri-Star continues to benefit us as we continue to grow.

    Wealth Management with Tri-Star

    • Clear understanding — Our investment team takes the time to learn your unique objectives — and to explain investment strategies to you.
    • Personalized portfolio — A fully customized portfolio, with an emphasis on appropriate asset allocation, diversification, and protection of your principal.
    • Sophisticated resources — As part of Callan’s Independent Advisor Group, we have access to some of the brightest minds in economics and finance.
    • Ongoing review — Tri-Star’s investment team continuously evaluates our strategies, managers, allocations, and decisions, all to be certain that portfolios are delivering the expected results.

    Brokerage Services

    When our clients need securities and advisory services — such as individual stock purchases — we work with LPL Financial and have an advisor based in our Saginaw office. 

    The right retirement starts with
    the right relationship.

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