Business Development Officer
    Team Member since 2022


    Brent Bismack is an adaptive, communicator who is always searching for a challenge he can compete at. He is always putting his analytical mindset behind his competitions to ensure that he will get to the top! Brent is a graduate of Central Michigan University and has 23 years of customer service experience from roles as wide as a sales associate, to partner and store manager. Along with his dedication to his work, Brent enjoys participating in his community. He is the current President of the congregation at Zion Evangelical Lutheran in Freeland, MI as well as being a graduate of Leadership Bay County in 2009.

    What do you love most about working at Tri-Star?

    I love working with a team of intelligent individuals that truly care for each other as well as clients as family.  That level of care allows us to make great results happen.

    What’s your favorite quote?

    “I’m growing older but not up” – Jimmy Buffett

    I often joke that I maintain the mentality of my youngest child.  Unfortunately, they are growing older!

    What are your specific goals for the Tri-Star Trust Clients?

    I am excited to help identify our client’s financial goals and help them achieve their goals which will allow them to focus on their family and community.