Vice President, Financial Advisor
    Team Member since 2022


    Casey Dalton is an analytical, informative learner. He has a naturally curious mind that enjoys sorting through information to discover the facts. He instinctively recognizes and isolates the patterns that have brought us to today and believes an understanding of the past can help make better decisions in the future. He enjoys reducing an idea, theory, or process to its most essential parts and is very effective at communicating complex concepts in a way that is easily understood. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Finance from the University of Georgia and is a Certified Financial Planner with over 19 years of industry experience.

    What are your specific goals for Tri-Star Trust clients?

    My goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to make the best decisions for their families. I want them to feel confident in an uncertain world and never feel paralyzed when faced with a big decision.

    What’s your favorite quote?

    “It can ruin your life only if it ruins your character. Otherwise, it cannot harm you – inside or out.” – Marcus Aurelius

    What do you love most about working at Tri-Star?

    I love the collaborative ethos of Tri-Star. Everyone is working towards the same goal: to grow the business organically by creating a referable client experience. 

    What are your top three bucket list items?

    1. Spend at least a month exploring the ruins of Egypt

    2. Spend at least a month exploring the ruins of Greece, Italy, and Turkey

    3. Scuba dive the South Pacific