President, Chief Executive Officer
    Team Member since 2000 (founder)


    Gene serves people with heart, passion, and purpose. Day in and day out, his servant leadership focuses on positively impacting the lives of clients, employees, and the community. He understands the power of building long-lasting, authentic relationships that lead to real change in business and the world around us. This is reflective in Tri-Star supporting over 150 non-profits and organizations every year throughout communities in the Great Lakes Bay Region and Lansing. Gene is currently serving his community by leading the movement of the Great Lakes Bay Conscious Capitalism Chapter, whose mission is to “elevate humanity through business.” Gene also serves on the Saginaw Valley State University College of Business Advisory Board, and was previously on Covenant Healthcare System’s Board of Directors. He is a board member of the One Hundred Club, serves on Senior Leader Network Advisory team for Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and on the trust management committee for the Michigan Bankers Association. He was also the founder and co-chair of Saginaw’s 1000 Leaders Initiative; a movement focused on building relationships throughout Saginaw County. Gene has 30+ years’ experience in banking and trusts and holds the Certified Financial Planning CFP® designation.