Middle Officer Manager
    Team Member since 2022

    Joel Spickerman is a constant, analytical learner. When faced with new situations, he seeks new ways to overcome any obstacle strategically. Joel graduated from Central Michigan University (summa cum laude) with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Finance. Joel has gained experience in commercial banking and specialized in property tax payments from mortgage escrow accounts. As a financial asset manager, he constructed, managed, and evaluated a portfolio of capital assets.  Joel continues to seek outside opportunities where he can help improve the community around him outside of Tri-Star.

    What are your specific goals for Tri-Star Trust clients?

    To offer a safe harbor of trust and expertise as they navigate the fog of uncertainty and volatile seas through which the future comes to us. If I can act as a fitter of joints between clients and teams of financial and legal professionals to make their portfolio strong against the ebbs and flows of time and its changing horizons, then I must.

    What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

    From the right point of view, everyone’s problems are the same.

    What are your top three bucket list items?

    1. To visit Antarctica.  
    2. To answer every question correctly in an entire game of Jeopardy. 
    3. To better understand the geometry of higher-moment efficient hyperspaces.