Financial Planning Assistant
    Team Member since 2023


    Molly builds strong relationships and senses the emotions of others. She recognizes potential and can determine how resources can be utilized. She is adept to dealing with problems and can bring a team together. Molly has a dual Bachelor of Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Saginaw Valley State University. She was formerly an elementary school teacher and is a member of the Frankenmuth Women’s Club. Molly is a big animal lover, currently awaiting acceptance to volunteer for a non-profit cat rescue and adoption agency.

    What do you love most about working at Tri-Star?

    I love the people – staff and clients! Tri-Star is team-oriented and incredibly welcoming. I feel very supported as an employee of Tri-Star!

    What’s your favorite food?

    Pizza and Greek food.

    What are your top three bucket list items?

    1. Travel through Europe.
    2. Skydive.
    3. Visit Greece.