Episode 14: Corporate Culture Matters

    by | Jul 20, 2021 | Mitten Money Podcast


    Mitten Money- Episode 14
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    Episode 14: Corporate Culture Matters with Glastender’s Kim Norris & Todd Hall 

    Kim Norris and Todd Hall work in senior leadership positions with Glastender, a family-owned foodservice equipment manufacturer. Kim is a trained nurse turned VP of Administration. Todd is President of Glastender by day and rocker by night. Todd Hall’s name may sound familiar as he rocked his way to NBC’s The Voice first Four-Way Knockout in the summer of 2020.

    Kim and Todd are second-generation family business owners. Their father, Jon Hall, invented the world’s first automatic rotary glasswasher called a “Glastender.” Jon began creating custom bar equipment back in 1969.

    In this interview, you are sure to get the “entrepreneurial bug” and understand better why they believe an organization’s culture matters. Kim and Todd talk extensively about:

    • Their father’s love to invent, create, and improve everything he touches.
    • The holistic care Kim and Todd have for their employees
    • Creating a culture that matters.
    • The challenges of operating a business during COVID times.
    • Their paths to joining the family business.
    • Donating their time, talent, and treasure to their community.

    Todd shares, “I’ve been here 30 years. I started working here full-time in sales and slowly but surely got experience. The funny thing is I don’t remember ever coming in thinking I wanted to run the place. When I look back on it now, Jay Kegerreis (Jon Hall’s business partner) passed away. Kim, her husband Mark, and I were kind of leading at that time, and my dad pulled away a bit. He never really liked operations. A short seven years later, we were running the company, which is kind of amazing. My sister and I were 27 and 28-years-old when we began our leadership roles within Glastender. So, I always tell people, be patient. You’d be surprised how fast It happens. Focus on doing well, take on responsibility, and make things happen. That sort of leadership stuff just comes your way.”

    Kim shares how she made an unexpected pivot to be a part of Glastender. After a long healthcare career, she joined Glastender and thought it would have been a short-term move. She found her care for people was easily transferable and decided to build HR systems and processes that put their people first.

    Glastender’s Website


    “Rebel Without Applause” Dr. Dan Steele, a book written on Jon Hall and published in March 2020


    Saginaw Valley State University Video featuring Jon and Todd Hall



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