Episode 40: Self-Confidence in the Workplace

    by | Aug 2, 2022 | Mitten Money Podcast

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    Episode: 40 Self-Confidence in the Workplace with Lisa Thompson, Executive Director & Founder of Self Love Beauty

    Her life was just progressing at Dow, and she decided that after eight years of commitment to them, she wanted to grow into something more and something bigger that would be able to help others the same way others had helped her.

    Please welcome Executive Director and Founder of Self Love Beauty, Lisa Thomson, this week on how she was inspired to grow her non-profit organization to inspire people across the state to be self-aware and confident both in the workplace and in this world we live in. We talk about how social media can majorly impact one’s self-esteem, workshops you can partake in through Self Love Beauty, and how a business owner can be more aware of their employees and when they should interfere and schedule a workshop with Lisa and her team.

    Lisa founded Self Love Beauty in 2012 and has been encouraging people since. She started just the same as we all do, with little confidence in herself and looking to grow for the better. She helps her participants understand that one size doesn’t fit all and to find the confidence in yourself to love that body that you’re in because it’s all you have, and only you can determine how to love it!


    Connect with Lisa: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisathompson032/


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