Episode 5: Tips to building a winning team and a winning process

    by | Apr 12, 2021 | Mitten Money Podcast

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    Episode 5: Tips to Building a Winning Team and a Winning Process

    Owning a residential construction company means you are building more than homes. Since 2002, Mark and Melissa Wahl have built a strong team, a winning process, and dream homes. In this interview, Mark Wahl, founder of Cobblestone Homes, shares his path to becoming a sought-after residential builder. “I think our attention to detail and a strong focus on customer service is what drove our success.”

    Mark also shares how his mentor’s words of wisdom affected the course of his career. Mark had a love for construction, and it was early in his career where he met his mentor. His hobby of equestrian sports and showing horses led him to building horse barns and flipping houses. It was at this time that Mark fell in love with the process of building and considering flipping homes as a career. Mark’s mentor gave all the reasons to change his career path and go “all in” on new construction. Unsure but trusting Mark and his wife, Melissa, took his advice. In 2002, they sold their home, moved into a 500 square foot apartment in their horse barn, and bet everything on Cobblestone Homes.

    Listen to this episode and hear themes of knowing your niche audience, staying on top of building trends, reasons to have diverse business lines, and the benefits of creating a replicable process.

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