Mark & Mary Bassett

    Former Chairman and CEO and Spouse

    Hemlock Semiconductor

    Planning for a retirement that’s not “retiring”.

    “Relationships are important to us. We want to know and like the people who manage our money. We have that with Tri-Star.”

    Q. What do you see for retirement?

    A. I don’t like calling it “retirement”. I’m not playing golf with my buddies. I have several big ideas that will keep me as busy as I want to be.

    Q. So you’re going to be working, really.

    A. No, not entirely. Mary and I want to travel and spend more time with our family. We have seven kids spread out from Boston to San Diego. We also want to go to Europe. We want to do it comfortably, without worrying about pinching pennies.

    Q. So where did Tri-Star come in?

    A. Our money was being managed by one of the big-name, global firms. I never saw my financial guy. He called me once a quarter. I was just an account to him. So I started asking around…business people I respected. Tri-Star’s name kept coming up.

    Q. What was your first impression?

    A. I met with Tri-Star’s co-founder and we hit it off right away. Relationships are important to me. I want to know and like the people who manage our money. We have that with Tri-Star.

    Q. Beyond the relationship, what else does Tri-Star bring to the table?

    A. They have a team who works with you, which we really like. Someone who does financial modeling. Another who provides advice on investing. They have experts at every level. And they’re all easy to reach and talk to.

    Q. So you have a plan that’s working for you.

    A. Absolutely. Part of that plan is giving back to the community. We invested recently in a start-up clothing company that benefits the Detroit community. We also invested in a private equity firm. Tri-Star offered valuable advice on both ventures. They’re always there for us.

    Wealth Management with Tri-Star
    • Clear understanding — Our investment team takes the time to learn your unique objectives — and to explain investment strategies to you.
    • Personalized portfolio — A fully customized portfolio, with an emphasis on appropriate asset allocation, diversification, and protection of your principal.
    • Sophisticated resources — As part of Callan’s Independent Advisor Group, we have access to some of the brightest minds in economics and finance.
    • Ongoing review — Tri-Star’s investment team continuously evaluates our strategies, managers, allocations, and decisions, all to be certain that portfolios are delivering the expected results.
    Brokerage Services
    When our clients need securities and advisory services — such as individual stock purchases — we work with LPL Financial and have an advisor based in our Saginaw office.

    The right retirement starts with
    the right relationship.

    Help us get to know you better. After completing this form, we will happily connect you with a Relationship Manager.