Mike Schuette, GCI Water Solutions
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    Episode 17: One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure with Entrepreneur, Mike Schutte

    On this episode of Mitten Money, learn from yet another entrepreneur that saw an opportunity and ceased it. Meet Mike Schuette, co-founder, and CEO of GCI Water Solutions, a company born out of the need to solve complex wastewater issues. Entrepreneurism runs in the family as Schuette’s family owns Merchandise Outlet, 11 stores filled with unique, well-priced everyday finds, and recently named one of Michigan’s Top 50 Companies to watch.

    GCI literally takes one man’s trash and turns it into treasure. Barrels of wastewater created from the oil refinery process are turned into two byproducts; water and salt. The salt created through this desalination process becomes a useable product for concrete usage and more.

    If you’re looking to learn how one person could pivot their career, create a sustainable business model, learn from 100+ investor pitches, and employ a growth mindset, look no further. Mike Schuette brings his a-game while discussing GCI Water Solutions economically and consciously treats oil and gas production wastewater. Mike is originally from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, and adjacent professor at Central Michigan University.




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