Mitten Money Chuck Stadler Episode 20
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    Episode 20: Pay, Benefits, and Perks with Chuck Stadler Jr. from CORE Staffing

    Today, we’ll dive headfirst into everything pay and benefits with Chuck Stadler, President of CORE Staffing. Chuck is a nurse, business owner, people-person, and leader. Chuck runs two businesses; CORE Staffing is a healthcare staffing company providing services across America, and he and his wife own Lazy Dog, a pizzeria in Frankenmuth, MI. Chuck has been involved with the health care industry for 15+ years, starting as an RN. Chuck and host, William Zank, have a lively discussion on:

    – How employers can stand out amongst their competitors in their job descriptions.
    – Structuring an overall employee’s benefits package.
    – How often employers should revisit employees’ salaries.

    “Explore all the options you have to take care of your employees. Pay for community college if someone is without an associate’s degree, or offer COVID pay for those exposed or having COVID. Explain all the options that you have for your employee. Take care of them. It doesn’t affect the overall bottom line.” Chuck truly cares about the people entrusted to him and shares, “it’s not just about the pay and benefits. It’s all about how you treat employees. In the end, that’s what matters.”

    An out-of-the-box benefit Chuck is considering offering his team working from home is a once-a-week visit from a housekeeper- clever!



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