Chris Savage, Lowe Law
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    Episode 22: Family Business Legal Advice with Chris Savage, Estate Planning Attorney

    In America, it’s estimated that 90% of American businesses are family-owned and controlled. That means that two out of three employees either own or are working for a family-owned business. What if a family member wants to pass that business onto the next generation? There are sure to be several complex questions that arise when considering a transfer of ownership: a healthy, transparent, and trusted relationship with an attorney matters.

    On today’s episode, Chris Savage of Lowe Law answers common legal questions. Tune in to learn more about:

    • When is a good time to seek out the services of an attorney?
    • Unique business challenges affecting Michigan-based businesses.
    • Most beneficial ways to find the right attorney fit for your business.

    Chris Savage has 20+ years of experience in various aspects of estate planning, probate and trust administration, income, estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer taxation, and corporate business matters. Chris regularly advises clients on both simple and complex estate and business planning matters. She’s listed in the Best Lawyers in America in the trusts and estates area and is an author of several small business-related articles.


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