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    Episode 30: A Joy-Filled Conversation About Fitness & Resilience with Sarah Fechter

      What started as a way for guests to live a healthier lifestyle prompted a lifelong mission of helping others realize their fitness goals. In this heartfelt conversation, Sarah Fechter of Sarah Fechter Fitness Headquarters (SFHQ) shares how she remains joyful about her job that’s never much felt like a job. She’s remained nimble and reimagined her business model. Her desire to offer relevant classes, boot camps, coaching offerings, and online classes is what has led to Sarah Fechter Fitness’s success.

      During every episode of Mitten Money, William Zank asks a signature question about the importance of building relationships. Sarah’s confidently shared, “the importance of relationships is going to be my number one piece of advice to people. You have to be invested in people, and they need to feel that you have to make a difference in their life.”

      Sarah also shares about:

      – Her journey in the fitness industry over the past 20+ years,

      – Pivoted during the pandemic. Online class offerings were live within 9 hours of news that Michigan was putting a “pause” on gyms for 3-weeks.

      – How she views social media as a tool to grow SFHQ.

      For more information on Sarah and Sarah Fechter Fitness Headquarters, visit:


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