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    Episode 31: The Secrets to Exponential Business Growth with Max Friar, Calder Capital’s CEO

    Are you looking for curious, motivated, and ambitious employees? Max Friar, Founder, and CEO, of Calder Capital, shares ways to grow and retain energetic team members.

    The list of satisfied clients and employees of Calder seems endless. Max has a growth mindset and fosters a culture of learning and growth. Calder is a Grand Rapids based Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Firm focused on representing business owners who desire to sell their business. Calder has been named one of America’s fastest growing private companies (2021 Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies).

    The key takeaway from Will Zank’s interview with Max Friar include:

    – Tips and Tricks to Talent Development.

    – Leveraging technology to create automated processes.

    – Creating Key Performance Indicators and benchmarking success.

    Max shares the secret to success is, “Taking younger, energetic, and driven people and giving them opportunities that most people their age doesn’t get.” Max goes on to explain, “One of the ways that we develop talent is to let some of our younger employees that are interested in running deals start with some small deals. Then, we partner them with experienced team members and coach them. Our goal with talent development is to find ambitious people, believe in them, and give them opportunities to shine.”

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