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    Episode 4: 1st Class Business Banking from Local, Passionate Experts

    We are four episodes into Mitten Money and themes of passion, leadership, and community are emerging. This week’s listeners will learn business banking from a local expert, Todd Gregory, Chief Lending Officer for 1st State Bank. Todd says he always had an interest in banking and reminisces about having an affinity for banking back to the sixth grade. Todd’s 30-year career has taken him all around the state of Michigan, serving in many different banking roles. Through his journey, he has found that he feels most fulfilled working directly with business owners and operators and developing strong relationships.

    In this episode, listeners will learn tips on how to prepare for securing a business loan; lessons learned from the PPP loan process; and the advantages of working with a local business lender. “Surround yourself with experience and expertise, a good banker will go a long way. Find a good CPA, a good attorney, and a business associate – maybe somebody that’s owned a business for a long time.  It’s all about creating great networks.”

    We think you’ll learn that this Michigan resident is proud to be with a company that believes in supporting the community as much as he prides himself on being a community banker. “We don’t have a one 800 number for you to call. If you want to speak to somebody on a residential mortgage, you can speak with individuals that will help you. We’re right here.”

    Connect with Todd:

    Todd Gregory | LinkedIn


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