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    Episode: 42 Protecting Yourself From a Potential Slowdown with John Eade, Chairman and CEO, Argus Research

    Have you ever wondered what separates companies that perform well during bad times? It’s simple – they have the same quality that a castle has. It’s a moat.

    We got to speak with the President and CEO of Argus Research Group, John Eade. Based all the way out in NYC, it was a pleasure to get the chance to talk with him about how businesses can better prepare for a possible recession. With 75 total employees, 20 are analysts and portfolio strategists who forecast the US economy. As you can imagine, having a superior advantage can make all the difference during trying times, whether it relates to a certain product design or the people within your organization.

    In this week’s podcast, we dig a little deeper into some of the challenges the average consumer could be facing as well as how they could grow through these struggles. One of our main points is about 4 Michigan-made companies (Kellogg, DTE, Ford Motor Company, and Dow) and how they are coping with the economic changes happening in the world around us.

    Tune into this week’s podcast to see how your business can stand strong during this economic fallout. If this is something that interests you, keep on the lookout for our next episode as this will continue into a mini-series covering the topic of recession and how it can be avoided throughout your business.

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