Mitten Money Chuck Stadler Episode 20
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    Episode 43: How to Build and Develop Leaders with Gene Pickelman and Catherine Allen

    On today’s episode, we speak with Gene Pickelman, President and CEO of Tri-Star Trust, and Catherine Allen, Co-Founder and CEO of AO People Partners. This episode is about developing a conscious culture of learning and developing your employees. Gene and Catherine have a lively discussion about leadership. They have learned and recognized that having strong leadership at the core of your business is a competitive difference. And valuing and developing your people will determine the success of your business.

    The four tenants of Conscious Capitalism are:

    – Having a higher purpose

    – Integration of all stakeholders

    – Raising up conscious leaders

    – Building a conscious culture

    In this episode, learn what attributes to look for when hiring based on values and if their values fit the company. It is vital to connect these values to the values of the people hired within an organization. Tri-Star implements this into its hiring process by asking key questions. One of the key questions throughout their interview process is, “Tell me about the relationship you have besides family and friends.” Having these relationships shows that you can build a bond with someone other than whom you may be related to and show signs of empathy and care.

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