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    Episode: 44 The Relentless Pursuit of Building Strong Relationships with Beth Thieme, President & CEO of Amigo Mobility International

    On today’s podcast, we spoke with Beth Thieme, President, and CEO of Amigo Mobility International, Inc. If you are looking for an episode that will recharge you with ideas for success and an entrepreneurial flair, look no further. Beth’s energy, passion, and wisdom are fully displayed in this episode.

    This week we discussed how Amigo got started and the motivation behind why it began, and how the business can keep pushing through its rough times. Beth explains how Amigo is a relationship-built company and that during their hard times, they had their vendors helping them! She states that communication and service are essential to a successful business.

    Amigo Mobility International, Inc. first started as a plumbing and heating contractor. Once one of Al Thieme’s relatives was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he wanted to give her an alternative where she could be more mobile. Unfortunately, the only possible product at this time was a standard wheelchair. In 1967, Al went to work and built his first three-wheeled vehicle and named it “Amigo.” He wanted to take this product further and provide others with this kind of mobility and decided to build his business and called it Amigo in 1968. Beth joined Amigo in 1975 and has been providing mobility equipment ever since.

    Mobility Starts With Amigo

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