Mitten Money- Episode 14
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    Episode 52: Mini Master Class: Crisis Management, Relationship Building, & Rebranding with Arielle Patrick, Chief Communications Officer, Ariel Investments


    This week’s guest is Arielle Patrick, Chief Communications Officer of Ariel Investments, who sits down with us to discuss a mini “master class” of crisis management, relationship building, and rebranding. A graduate of Princeton University, Arielle was first interested in journalism, which eventually led her into consulting, and eventually corporate strategy and finance.

    With crisis management comes many factors. Of these factors, Arielle touches on the human side of mistakes; the word “humility” comes up in conversation, which Arielle is not afraid to address. Humans make mistakes, but the way we correct them is important. Unveiling initiative and standing on the right side of history with corrective action is important.

    “Networking” isn’t in Arielle’s vocabulary – instead, she prefers “relationship building.” Adding value to other peoples’ lives is far more important than trying to gain something from them. A simple yet widely known phrase of paying it forward is Arielle’s tip on how she became more involved with people and her current organization.

    On surface level, rebranding may sound easy. In actuality, rebranding comes down to the nitty gritty of how you want others to perceive your organization. For Ariel Investments, diversity exists within them, being a black and female owned company. Reciprocating this in their image was something Arielle had the pleasure of tasking.

    Arielle is a graduate from Princeton University, where she earned an AB in Classics with a concentration on Ancient Greek and Latin language, Literature and History. She currently resides in New York City with her husband and daughter.

    Nothing mentioned in this podcast is investment related advice. Clients of Tri-Star Trust firm may contain securities that are mentioned in this podcast.

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