Mitten Money- Episode 14
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    Episode 54: Financial Mistakes We’ve Learned the Most From with the Tri-Star Team

    This week’s episode, we sit down with some members of the Tri-Star team to discuss some financial mistakes we’ve experienced in our lives and have grown from the most.

    Sandy Worner delves into the repercussions of borrowing from your 401(k). For every dollar put in, it took about $1.30 to get back to where she was.

    Lee Reimann recalls not knowing what she really wanted before talking to an insurance salesperson, spending a lump sum on yearly premiums.

    Kevin Scorsone recounts his 3-step process of credit. Establish, manage, monitor!

    Jane Hagen touches on selecting investments carefully. When there was no education on 401(k), there was money market.

    To finish it off, our host Will Zank looks back on how important self-reflection is for investing. He realized he needed to think more in depth for what he wanted that money to be when researching where to put it.

    With each financial mistake comes a lesson learned. Tune in for insight on what each of them know now that they wish they knew back then.

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