Mitten Money- Episode 14
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    Episode 56: Small Businesses, Big Jobs with Ali Huntoon, Co-Founder and Director of HR & Talent Acquisition, Allied HR Solutions

    Right before the pandemic, Ali Huntoon decided she wanted to quit her corporate job to start her own HR consulting business, Allied HR Solutions. During the pandemic, Ali began scouring the internet for freelance jobs, but soon began working for people all over the country.

    Every engagement is different for Ali and the small businesses she works with. Her work involves anything from attending staff meetings to working with budgets and recruiting for small businesses. Ali’s business not only offers HR services, but anything a small business needs – from advertising to marketing to audits, Allied HR is a catalyst to make sure these operations are seamless. Although she does it all, Ali’s favorite part is the “people stuff.”

    Starting her own business during the start of a pandemic had Ali noticing how the job market is changing. For her recruiting services, she has noticed more workers value their time and families, and more people are looking for a hybrid-remote work environment. Ali manages her work-life balance by mixing her other business, Allied Group Fitness, with something she loves. Her trick is to catch burn out before it happens.

    Connect with Ali:

    Ali Huntoon | LinkedIn

    Allied HR Solutions


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