Mitten Money- Episode 14
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    Episode 57: Under-Promise, Over-Deliver with Mike Ball, Comedian and Producer of “The Future of Comedy Show”

    Saginaw-native Mike Ball has been doing comedy for 11 years, yet he hadn’t seen live comedy until he was about 21 years old. He started going to LA during his lawn business’s off season, and eventually interned for comedian Pauly Shore. Since then, Mike’s career has taken off with his own comedy show, “The Future of Comedy Show.”

    While comedy is ever-changing, Mike says the basics are still the same. According to Mike, comedy is “the last form of free speech.” Through his career, he has met many comedians who have given him advice along the way; Mike’s advice to being in comedy is to be who you are, no matter your style of humor, because there’s only one of you. While it is important to be who you are in your humor, there is a time and place to do so – Humor in the workplace has its limits, but an open mic does not. Mike advises to make safe jokes in your place of work and experiment outside of the office. Open mics are the perfect opportunity to practice other things on top of humor such as public speaking, stage presence, and much more. Mike practices this with corporate clients, as well as “under-promising and over-delivering.”

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