Mitten Money- Episode 14
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    Episode 60: The Counterfeit Chronicles: Part One with Todd Gregory, 1st State Bank, and Peter Ewend, Saginaw Bay Underwriters

    Today we are joined with 1st State Bank’s Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer, Todd Gregory, and Saginaw Bay Underwriter’s President & CEO, Peter Ewend, to discuss the rise of check fraud.

    Fraud is back on the rise. Changing checks – whether it be tampering the dollar amount or duplicating a check – is becoming very common in the banking world. The level of information provided on a check and the technology we have makes them an easy target for fraud. Another form of fraud going around as of late is mail fraud, or stealing mail directly from mailboxes.

    While fraud can be alarming, there are some ways you can prevent it. A few different methods include verifying requests, monitor your accounts, and noting all the information provided on the check you are about to send. There are also insurances available for business to protect against losses and other policies put into place to protect aspects of fraud.

    Todd and Peter’s tips for staying safe against fraud include being knowledgeable, aware, and educating others. Prevention is key, and working with others can be a great resource.

    You can connect with Todd and Peter here:

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    Peter Ewend | LinkedIn

    1st State Bank

    Saginaw Bay Underwriters

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