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    Episode 9: A Pep Talk in Culture, Fueled by BIGGBY COFFEE

    Since its humble beginnings in 1995, BIGGBY COFFEE has grown from one location in East Lansing, Michigan, to over 240 locations in 13 states. A fear that some have when scaling at this magnitude is maintaining consistent company culture.

    Jeremy DeRuiter and Brie Roper are two dynamic, enthusiastic, and caring individuals leading the corporate culture initiatives at BIGGBY COFFEE. Jeremy, Brie, and the Life You Love Laboratory team strive to ensure their company’s culture is known and embraced by thousands of employees. They want employees at all levels to be able to recite and, better yet, live out BIGGBY’S higher purpose to support people in building a life you love.

    In talking with Jeremy and Brie, you can feel their genuine desire and passion for supporting their coworkers and everyone they meet to take intentional steps to further build a life they love. Interestingly enough, both started at BIGGBY as part-time baristas and have since blossomed into pivotal cultural leadership roles.

    Enjoy this episode aimed at energizing entrepreneurs to reach for their goals and care for their people.

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