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    Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and, in fact, make up 99% of all businesses in the United States. Yet only 50% of them will survive their fifth year in business. Mitten Money host William Zank, will focus on helping Michigan-based business owners find answers to the tough questions that will help them succeed. How do I expand my business? What options do I have for retirement? How do I move forward when I feel stuck?

    About Mitten Money

    Mitten Money was created to inspire and motivate business owners and operators. Through a series of peer-to-peer interviews, business owners from across the state will share the struggles and triumphs they have had throughout their own careers. Throughout their interviews, prepare to be inspired by their grit and grace.

    On the first season of Mitten Money, we welcome on an array of guests from across the state of Michigan from multiple industries. Quarterly, we will release episodes to increase business acumen on valuation, finances, estate planning, and more.

    Do you have suggestions of business owners or operators to add to guest list next season? Please email


    Episode 63: Michigan’s Chillest Author with Johnathan Rand

    Episode 63: Michigan’s Chillest Author with Johnathan Rand

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