Leaving Your Legacy
    in Good Hands

    Trust Administration

    Trust is a good thing. It is especially critical when it comes to entrusting someone to carry out your wishes — now and after you’re gone. A corporate trustee is a trust company or trust bank, like Tri-Star Trust. A trustee can help you build, manage, and protect your wealth when you put your assets in a trust. A trust is simply a legal document that lets you reduce unnecessary costs, save taxes, and keep control over your assets while you are living, if you become physically or mentally incapacitated, and after you die.

    We take your wealth and your legacy seriously.

    Protect, Preserve, Provide

    A trust gives you greater control over your wealth, allowing you to specify when and to whom your assets can be distributed. And a trust can protect your estate when it is passed on to your heirs.

    At Tri-Star, our team of professionals is prepared to help you design and administer the specific type of trust that meets your goals. Our experts closely collaborate with you and your attorney to create the type of trust that makes sense for your objectives — whether it’s a trust that is modifiable (revocable), set in stone (irrevocable), charitable, or another option.

    A carefully crafted trust is a way to ensure that your wealth is protected and transferred exactly as you have intended. To be sure that it is handled professionally and impartially, many clients name Tri-Star as a trustee or successor trustee to administer the transactions with precision.

    Because communication is key, we provide periodic accounting of all transactions and valuations, and we are available to discuss adjustments to distributions as circumstances require.

    Our credentialed and experienced professionals address and satisfy the needs of individuals, charities, estates and trusts regardless of the complexity of issues facing them. We strictly follow the terms of the trust and the best interests of all beneficiaries.

    Trust Administration

    Corporate Trustee Services

    With people living longer and health care costs continuing to rise, our savings must grow larger and last longer. With hundreds of investment options to choose from, deciding where to put your money can be very confusing. And if you make a wrong decision, it can be very costly. One option you shouldn’t overlook is the bedrock of asset management and personal service – the corporate trustee.

    When to use a corporate trustee

    • As Trustee – a corporate trustee has full responsibility for managing your trust assets according to your instructions.
    • As Co-Trustee – if you want to take advantage of a corporate trustee’s investment experience, but still be involved, you could have one work with you as co-trustee.
    • As Successor Trustee – we will step in and manage your trust for you when you can no longer act due to incapacity or death.
    What can you expect from our trust administration team?
    • Dependable, insightful trust administration

    • Impartial and careful administration
    • Experienced professionals with knowledge of all legal and tax considerations related to your trust
    • Excellent communication with all involved parties