Tri-Star Charitable Foundation

    Tri-Star strives for community involvement and making our home a better place to live, for everyone. 
    We want to continue giving our clients the opportunity to get involved as well. If you would like to donate to the foundation, please scan or click the QR code, which will take you directly to our PayPal link for the foundation. 

    Tri-Star Charitable Foundation

    We have established the Tri-Star Charitable Foundation to strive to live our higher purpose, “Building caring, genuine relationships that strengthen families and transform our communities.”  We are aiming to“shine a light” within the community surrounding us, in hopes that together, we can make an impact for the greater good.  The Tri-Star Charitable Foundation was established with the intent of receiving and administering funds for charitable and educational purposes. The intended purpose of the distributions it is to support community education, arts and culture, social welfare, and community beautification.

    Join us in striving to build the community around us.

    2023 Tri-Star Charity Pro-Am


    In 2023, the Tri-Star Charitable Foundation will “shine a light” on Community Revitalization. 15 organizations have been identified as revitalizing and reactivating our communities. The funds raised through the Pro-Am, sponsorships, partnerships, client support, and community support will fund 15 existing organization programs that are revitalizing communities in various ways.

    Community Revitalization has a focus on:

    Revitalizing community spaces.

      • Developing spaces within our neighborhoods to increase access to play for children. Fund will be directed to assist with creating outdoor spaces.
      • Beautifying public spaces to add vibrancy.

    Revitalizing mind and body.

      • Supporting access to affordable, healthy food.

    Revitalizing community spirit.

      • Building a social community.
      • Improving lives through community investment and personal mentorship.
      • Increasing access to a livable housing.

    These efforts are not intended to be all-encompassing in supporting all the organizations doing this work within the Great Lakes Bay Region and Greater Lansing Areas. 15 organizations have been selected as the recipients and are intended to “shine a light” on the types of organizations revitalizing our communities.

    We will be hosting a “Be a Light” Celebration event, September 21, 2023, where we will present these foundations with the proceeds we will have raised over the course of five months.

    Check out our recap video here:

     In 2022, the Tri-Star Charitable Foundation focused on supporting 15 existing mental health programs.

    To view the 2022 Tri-Star Charity Pro-Am, click here!