Investments … Simplified

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. What we do for our clients is simple – we build portfolios to achieve specific goals and objectives.

At Tri-Star, our disciplined investment approach differs from most other organizations. We not only think in terms of how much should be invested in stocks and bonds, but we also go a step further. Our unique Economic Scenario Optimization Process helps us determine how much should be invested in other types of assets that might be designed to address specific economic situations, investor concerns, or protect portfolios from certain events.


Our investment management core principles focus on asset allocation, protecting principal, and building well-diversified portfolios. Focusing on these principles helps us reduce the chances of experiencing unintended consequences and disproportionate losses. It also helps you stay focused on your long-term goals and objectives regardless of what is occurring in the market or economy. Staying focused in a properly allocated and well-diversified portfolio is the number one key to long-term investment success.

Your investment team at Tri-Star has access to and utilizes inputs from a variety of sources, including the information gained through the Tri-Star financial planning process regarding your goals and objectives. We also have access to some of the industry’s best and brightest minds who provide us with information related to the economy and investment markets and forward-looking capital market projections – all of which are valuable inputs as we build your customized portfolio.

Once the portfolio customized to your goals, objectives and concerns is in place, it is constantly challenged. We want to make certain our “best ideas” are being incorporated as appropriate for your particular situation and your portfolio is being invested according to a mutually agreed upon plan of action. On average, your portfolio is touched 65 times a year – through weekly, monthly, and annual portfolio and investment committee reviews.

All of this benefits you. At the end of the day, you can rest assured we are leveraging ours’ and our collective partners’ expertise for your benefit, your portfolio’s strategy has been validated under nearly all possible types of market environments, we’ve done all we can to minimize and quantify the potential risks, and the investments within the portfolio are proven performers who are being continually monitored.

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Investing can be simple, if you let Tri-Star go to work for you. Contact us to start investing today.

“I’m a businessman with my hands in a lot of different projects, from auto dealerships to sports franchises. So, if there is one aspect of my life that isn’t simple, it’s my finances. That’s where the folks at Tri-Star come in.”