Philanthropic Solutions Group

Philanthropic Solutions Group Services for Individuals

Helping You Fulfill the Legacy You Envision

Being a steward of your assets can mean dealing with regulations, taxes and red tape. That’s where Tri-Star’s Philanthropic Solutions Group can make a difference for you. We’ll help you efficiently and cost-effectively fulfill your legacy and make a bigger impact.

Investment Management – helping you invest in a way that meets your goals while avoiding unnecessary costs and risks.

Technical Advising – navigating the legal and tax issues that impact your charitable giving and estate planning.

Assistance with Governance Documents and Policies – including bylaws, fund documents, policies and budgets.

Gift Design Strategies – helping you develop gifts that make sense for your philanthropic vision.

Planned Giving – ensuring current and deferred gifts are managed properly and meeting goals.

Granting – providing guidance on your distribution of charitable funds, including screening of potential recipients.

Board of Directors Development – working with your private foundation’s board to ensure understanding and optimization of your strategy.

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