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Philanthropic Solutions Group Services for Nonprofits

Helping Your Organization Achieve Its Philanthropic Mission

Managing your foundation, endowment or other charitable funds can be complex, but Philanthropic Solutions Group is here to work closely with you and find solutions. We’ll make each aspect of your fundraising and charitable giving more organized and cost-effective.

Investment Management – helping you invest in a way that meets your goals while avoiding unnecessary costs and risks.

Assistance with Governance Documents and Policies – including bylaws, fund documents, policies and budgets.

Gift Design Strategies – helping donors develop gifts that are both right for them and for your fund/organization.

Planned Giving – ensuring current and deferred gifts are managed properly and meeting goals.

Marketing and Education About Your Fundraising – seminars for prospects and donors to help explain the ways to give, and the impact their gifts will have.

Mentoring and Advising on Charitable Giving – guidance on distribution of charitable funds, including screening of potential recipients.

Staff and Board Development – ensuring understanding and optimization of your strategy.

Training for Donor Identification and Solicitation – identifying and building relationships with target donors.

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