My Wealth Portrait

You can view your entire financial picture – even those holdings held in other institutions – on one broad canvas, with My Wealth Portrait – a special service available only from Tri-Star. Consolidated, updated, private, secure and easy to access. It’s just another way that Tri-Star helps you simplify your financial life.

It can help you keep track of everything you own and what everything is worth. You organize it your way on your personal website page. As the markets change throughout the day, week and year, your asset values also change – so you are always looking at real time data. You can create a budget, monitor your cash flow, and see your bottom line. You can collaborate, virtually, with your financial planner. All your important documents can be safely stored and accessed from anywhere. And you can print out a report of your entire “wealth portrait” anytime you want.

Interested? Talk to your financial planner to get started.

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