Business Analyst, Project Manager
    Team Member since 2019


    Andrew Dalton is an extremely motivated, organized and creative individual. He possesses exceptional customer service skills, and an ability to adapt to new situations, environments, and policies with ease. He is resourceful and tech-savvy. While constantly seeking creative solutions to problems in the workplace, he also assists in building company culture by organizing holiday parties and setting up employee appreciation initiatives. He helps to make the company a better place to work. Andrew has 15+ years’ experience in customer service and 10+ years’ experience in budgeting, project management, marketing, audio/visual, and graphic design. Having earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Northwood University (summa cum laude), he has gone on to earn the Highest Award for Achievement from the Dale Carnegie training course. He currently serves on the Dstreet Music Foundation Board of Directors as Treasurer, does charitable event management consulting, and donates musical performances for various events. In the past, Andrew has spent time volunteering for the Johnny Burke Children’s Foundation “Crabby” Clam & Lobster Festival.

    What are your specific goals for Tri-Star Trust clients?

    I hope to provide world-class service to our clients in their pursuit of achieving their financial goals. I would like to foster such trusting, long-lasting relationships where fluctuations in the market cause them absolutely no worry because they know we’re actively monitoring and managing their investments with the utmost attention and care.

    What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

    When you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically. Address the error and move on. Do not dwell on the mistake, lay blame, or make excuses. Focus on the steps needed to move forward.

    What’s your favorite quote?

    “If there is anything worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” – Hunter S. Thompson

    What are your top three bucket list items?

    1. Pressing my solo album to vinyl
    2. Visiting New Zealand and seeing “Middle Earth” up close and personal
    3. Performing music in Hawaii and Alaska to be able to say that I have performed live music in all 50 States and U.S. owned Territories.