Episode 12: A masterclass in management, life, and golf with Wilbert Long, Jr.

    by | Jun 21, 2021 | Mitten Money Podcast


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    Episode 12: A Masterclass in Management, Life, and Golf with Wilbert Long, Jr. 

    Picture a mentor that has shaped you. What characteristics does this person embody? Your list of qualities likely includes maximizing your potential, being a great listener, developing your skills, and constantly improving their performance. We cannot wait for you to meet Wilbert Long, Jr., a mentor to many and now a mentor to our Mitten Money listeners.

    Wilbert’s journey to mentorship and co-founding Strategic Supply Chain Solutions, LLC includes working in various industries around the country. In his 20’s he was in real estate, created a record label, and owned a mom-and-pop restaurant in Saginaw, MI, called the Melting Pot. Wilbert lovingly gives credit to his wife who juggled the real estate and restaurant business while he was working at GM. After these early years in business, most of Wilbert’s career was spent in Corporate American shaping supply chain management at BP, Alcoa, Aerospace Sector of Honeywell, and General Motors. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Supply Chain Solutions, LLC, and is the owner of the Sawmill Golf Course in Saginaw, MI.

    The Sawmill Golf Course is a premier course in Saginaw Township that Wilbert and his team have taken to a whole new level. “We wanted to demonstrate to our patrons that with the new ownership, we were willing to reinvest in the course. So in two years, we’ve purchased a new fleet of golf carts, refined and improved the facilities, and continually listened for what our members and guests say needs improving.” Wilbert gives credit to the wonderful staff for making the golf and dining experience exceptional for their guests.

    You will pick up on Wilbert’s humble, calm nature and not be surprised to find out that he gets great joy in mentoring. “I’m always interested in listening and learning from others. I find joy in sharing what I can to help in developing others.” Wilbert has exceptional communication and leadership skills, and we cannot wait for you to receive this master class in management, life, and golf with Wilbert Long, Jr. Enjoy!

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