Episode 7: A Balancing Act: Business retention and expansion

    by | Jul 20, 2021 | Mitten Money Podcast

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    Episode 7: A Balancing Act: Business retentin and expansion

    On today’s episode, Will chats with Joann Crary, President & CEO of Saginaw Future.  Established in 1992, Saginaw Future has provided economic development assistance in Saginaw County, generating over $7 billion in new investment.  Joann and her team proactively focus on attracting and retaining jobs in the region, increasing business investment, growing the tax base, and providing a positive environment for businesses to thrive.

    We dive into the impact economic development can have in a local region, not only for existing businesses but its citizens as well. Joann shares, “We meet with about 250 C-level executives every year and talk about their plans for the future. That is meeting with the CEO, the COO, or the CFO. Our job is to listen to them and learn what barriers they have. We want to understand their barriers so we can assist in removing those barriers. For example, we want to help business owners identify new investments, and then provide a wide variety of financial incentives, identify available sites for building locations, and more.”

    We think you will love Joann’s passion for creating a thriving economy. She highlights the work her team has done to advance economic growth. “We are problem solvers and work hard to reduce barriers for growth.” COVID has presented its challenges with business growth and development and there is no stopping the Saginaw Future team in their desire to help small businesses thrive and expand Saginaw’s overall economic impact.

    Saginaw Future https://www.saginawfuture.com/

    Tool to help small business reopen safely and thrive
    Size up Small Businesses https://www.saginawfuture.com/doing-business/size-up-small-business

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