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    Episode: 38 Unlimited Paid Time Off with Mark McDaniel, CEO of Cinnaire

    Have you ever wished you could get unlimited paid time off?

    That’s precisely what today’s podcast guest, Mark McDaniel, the CEO of Cinnaire, talks about with host William Zank. Cinnaire is a nonprofit organization that gets involved within the community by offering services such as lending funds, finance development, and managing and building all components of a healthy community. Within this nonprofit, employees are granted unlimited paid time off.

    Cinnaire wants to find better ways for their team members to feel more valued while also showing their team’s time was valued. What’s the benefit of offering unlimited time off? Cinnaire has seen how productive their employees are when given this freedom. With employee benefits like this, they now hold eight consecutive wins as Best Nonprofit to Work For by the Nonprofit Times, the leading business publication for Nonprofit Management.

    Mark McDaniel graduated from Michigan State University and worked as an architectural planning engineer in his hometown of Kalamazoo, MI. He ended up moving back up to Lansing when he found his love for helping develop affordable housing. He started to get involved with many nonprofits and faith-based organizations. He was able to draw up the Michigan Capital Fund for Housing idea, which ended up transitioning into the Great Lakes Capital Fund in 2002.

    To learn more about Cinnaire and their team, follow the links below:

    Home Page

    Mark McDaniel | LinkedIn

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