Mitten Money- Episode 14
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    Episode 58: Navigating Personal Growth with Wendy Groll, Vice President of Operations & Certified Master Trainer, and Dan Handley, Regional President & CEO, Dale Carnegie Training of Mid-Northern Michigan

    On today’s episode, we sit down to chat with Wendy Groll and Dan Handley from Dale Carnegie Training of Mid-Northern Michigan. Wendy got her start in Dale Carnegie after emerging into a leadership role of her previous job, and Dan followed his family in the business after graduating college, working alongside his father.

    Dale Carnegie offers educational courses to enhance your leadership skills to use in the workplace and your personal life. Training at Dale Carnegie is very accessible, with over 9 million graduates to date. Many graduates of Dale Carnegie speak of their experience to others, which result in more graduates to come.

    The training Dale Carnegie offers is applicable to a multitude of people because of their commitment to growth. People’s ability to create change and opportunity drives training. In today’s world, growth is a skill that continually needs to be mastered.

    Most people’s calendar is spent convincing others to do things – friends, family, coworkers. Learning the “sales skills” Dale Carnegie provides helps create action. Dale Carnegie training is about the ability to connect and bounce around ideas and skills that someone may not utilize personally.

    Dale Carnegie provides live online training as well as face to face, which are both highly interactive. Every participant will leave with a specific action plan that resulted from various activities and lessons that will help add to their skillset. With every skill learned, it opens up the question of what else someone can learn.

    It is crucial to continue your education throughout your careers. If you aren’t growing, others around you are, and so are your competitors. Certain skills get you to an opportunity but growing them will keep you there. Today if you sit back, life will pass you by. Growth is fun!

    Connect with Wendy and Dan here:

    Dale Carnegie Training of Mid-Northern Michigan

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